Holi Festival Australia

Amit Batra


The Multicultural Amnesia

You will forget where you came from… As technology has progressed, the world has seen diminishing boundaries and people of different psycho-social–make-up coming in contact with each other. Sometimes they intermix with each other while maintaining their own identities whereas at other times they may not get along so well. Quite often it’s the case...Read More

Health & Fitness

Benifits of Black Cumin

Black Cumin, a member of parsley family known by its botanical name Nigella Sativa has an interesting story of origin. This herbaceous plan with foliage, delicate purple and white flowers trace back its origin to the tomb of king Tut as it was believed to have benefits extended not only to one’s life but also...Read More

Bollywood Page 3

Famous Producing Famous Offspring

It’s said that life is difficult if you’re a celebrity. The constant media attention, popularity and intruding paparazzi are a lifelong struggle to contend with. It becomes even more difficult if your better half is also of a similar background.  A celebrity can steal the show each time they step out of the house, even...Read More