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One of the oldest first-time mothers in the world gave birth in India recently. Jivunben Rabari is an astonishing 70 years of age. Her husband, Maldhari, is 75. Their baby boy, still unnamed, was born to the proud new parents through IVF, which is extraordinary given her age. And while Rabari does not have documentation...Read More

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Our Olympic Heroes

The Tokyo Summer Olympics closed on August 08th 2021, to a spectacular finale. Officially called ‘Games of the XXXII Olympiad’, they were much anticipated given their postponement due to the COVID pandemic. Eleven thousand ninety-one athletes competed in 41 different sports across 339 events, with India and Australia among the 205 participating countries. In the...Read More

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India Cuts Lentil Tariff, Move Welcomed by Australian Grain Growers

Australian farmers have welcomed the Indian Government’s decision to cut tariffs on red lentils from 33 per cent to 11 per cent. The tariffs were initially implemented by the Indian Government to protect domestic farmers and to get a balance between domestic production and the export of agricultural products.  Australian farmers are hoping to capitalise...Read More

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Fake coronavirus tests could have fuelled outbreaks in Indian officials say

Authorities in India have begun an investigation into supposed forged test results. A government report revealed that some 100,000 coronavirus test results were forged by private agencies who were testing pilgrims at a busy Hindu festival. Festival blamed for the surge in coronavirus cases. The Kumbh Mela festival held in April is believed to have...Read More